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Diabetes Accessories for Type 1s: The Top 19 Items You Never Knew You Needed

Do you ever wonder if there are items that you could be using to help make life with diabetes a little bit easier and more enjoyable for your family?

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and started using an insulin pump at 10 years old, I was always struggling with where to put my pump.  This was especially a concern when I wore a dress because it created a huge bulge that I hated and felt self conscious about.  

Someone at a diabetes support group I went to had suggested a stretchy band that you can wear around your upper thigh that had a little pocket to hold an insulin pump.  My parents bought this for me right away and it was a game changer for me.  I called it my “leg thing” (yes – very original!) and I don’t know what I would have done without it!  I still use my “leg thing” to this day!  

Fast forward 20 years later and now there are hundreds of different types of diabetes accessories that you can purchase to help with organizing diabetes supplies, keeping you safe, and even making diabetes a little bit more fun!

Continue reading to learn about our favorite items.

Types of Diabetes Accessories

So, you might be wondering what exactly are diabetes accessories and how could they benefit me?  There are many categories of diabetes accessories available today.  Some of these include bags or supply organizers, clothing items, temperature controls items, adhesives, medical alert bracelets, and even fun things like decorations for pumps or CGMs.

Below are some different ideas along with some of our favorite (unsponsored) options of diabetes shops where you can find them.

Diabetes Clothes Items and belts for insulin pumps

The first category is diabetes clothing items and belts for insulin pumps.  There are different types of diabetes clothing items and belts that have a pocket to hold an insulin pump, CGM, or even snacks or glucose tablets to treat low blood sugars. 

Many websites also have fun, sarcastic, or silly shirts or apparel for the whole family to show their support of their loved one with T1D.


  • Flip Belt – the Flip Belt is a sleek belt that can be worn around the waist and can fit items such as an insulin pump, CGM controller, glucose tabs or other small snacks, or other small items.  It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • Sugar belts (etsy) – Sugar Belts is an Etsy shop created by a grandma of a child with T1D.  The belts come in tons of cute pattern options making it a perfect option for young children.
  • Spi belt – Spi belts have a strap that goes around the waist with a small pouch attached that expands to 5 times its size making it a great option to hold diabetes supplies.

Diabetes clothing items with pockets

  • Revelwear – Revelwear has a large assortment of both kids and adult clothing items that all contain a pocket to hold an insulin pump.  
  • Sports bra with pocket – This sports bra on Amazon has a pocket in the back that is perfect to hold an insulin pump during sports or activities.  It comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns.

Fun diabetes apparel

  • The Useless Pancreas – Thousands of products for type 1’s, we especially love the witty apparel sold by Dia-Be-Tees in the apparel section.  You can also find yourself a great “leg thing” (also known as a garter)

Diabetes supply cases and diabetes supply bags

In addition to wearable items, bags and cases are also very helpful when on the go or traveling.

  • Myabetic – Myabetic has founded by a woman with T1D and has various trendy diabetes supply bags, purses, and supply cases to conveniently carry all of your supplies on the go in style.
  • Sugar Medical – Sugar Medical is a great spot to shop for insulin pump cases, glucose meter cases, backpacks, purses, and more.

Insulin cases and insulin coolers for travel

Keeping your insulin cool and protected is very important.  If insulin gets too hot, it will not work as well.  The longer the exposure to extreme temperatures over 86 degrees fahrenheit, the less effective the insulin becomes.

  • Frio cases – Frio cooling pouches come in several sizes and colors and are designed to keep insulin between 64.4-78.8 degrees fahrenheit for a minimum of 45 hours.  This makes them a great option for hot summer days and travel.
  • Vial Safe Bottle Protector – If you have ever dropped and shattered an insulin bottle, you know how important this little gadget is!  These silicone insulin bottle protectors come in various colors and patterns and help to keep your insulin vials protected

Medical adhesives

Do you find that you have trouble with pump sites or CGMs staying on, especially in those hot summer months?  These adhesives will help you get the full wear out of your CGM or pump site.

  • Skin Grip – Skin Grip sells adhesive patches for insulin pump sites and CGMs in various colors and patterns serving as both fun and functional!
  • Pump Peelz – Super fun medical device stickers for CGMs, pumps, and glucometers as well as adhesive patches in hundreds of creative patterns.
  • Skin Tac wipes – Skin Tac wipes are very helpful to keep CGMs and pump sites on for the full length of time.  We recommend rubbing it around the outside of the pump site or CGM site after inserting to help it adhere for longer.
  • Dexcom overlay patches – Did you know Dexcom will send you free clear overpatches for the G6?!  
  • Adhesive remover – with all of this adhesive, sometimes we need something to help remove it.  These wipes easily get rid of the leftover adhesive on your skin.

Diabetes medical alert bracelets

I still have nightmares of the horrible medical ID jewelry I had to wear as a kid.  Luckily, now there are many cute, functional, kid friendly options available.


In summary, there are MANY options in the market to help make diabetes fit more seamlessly into your family’s everyday life.  From various articles of clothing, to diabetes supply cases and diabetes supply bags, to fun or witty swag, there is something out there for everyone.

Something as simple as a “leg thing” or a cool adhesive patch might be what your child needs to feel more confident and comfortable with their diabetes.

Leave a comment below with your favorite diabetes accessories or something you plan to purchase after reading this article!

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