. Sugar Free Popsicles: Beat the Heat and Keep it Sweet

Sugar Free Popsicles: Beat the Heat and Keep it Sweet

There is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold popsicle on a scorching hot summer day. However, if you have ever browsed the frozen treat aisle at the grocery store you know that most popsicles are full of sugar, making them not-so-great options for those of us with diabetes. This article will dive into some ideas around choosing or making your own sugar free popsicles to help beat the heat this summer.

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Crafting Delicious Sugar Free Popsicles at Home

Making sugar free popsicles at home can be a great way to ensure you are getting something that you enjoy that also has quality ingredients, and it is probably easier than you may think!

All you need to do is purchase a popsicle mold or some disposable ice pop bags, add the liquid of your choice, and freeze for at least 6 hours.

Lately my family loves using leftovers from smoothies or simply freezing a low-sugar beverage such as Olipop to make simple but refreshing low sugar popsicles.

Flavor Inspiration for Sugar Free Popsicles

A few additional ideas to make your own popsicles at home include:

Fruity Popsicles: These are a classic and refreshing option. Blend together frozen fruit (like strawberries, cherries, or mangos) with a little water or coconut water for a delicious and healthy treat. You can also add in some fresh lime or lemon juice for a tart twist.

Creamy Popsicles: For a richer, creamy popsicle, use unsweetened nut butter (like peanut butter or almond butter), Greek yogurt, or coconut milk as a base. Blend it with vanilla extract and a sugar-free sweetener if desired, then add in your favorite mix-ins like chopped nuts, cocoa powder, or sugar-free chocolate chips.

Jello Popsicles: Sugar-free Jello comes in a variety of flavors, making it a perfect base for popsicles. Simply prepare the Jello according to the package instructions using less water for a more intense flavor. You can add in some chopped fruit if desired.

Fizzy Popsicles: For a fun and fizzy treat, try combining sparkling water with a sugar-free drink mix like Crystal Light or a splash of fruit juice. You can also add in some chopped fruit for extra texture.

Layered Popsicles: Create a beautiful and flavorful popsicle by layering different flavors. Try a combination of fruit puree, yogurt, or sugar-free pudding. Let each layer freeze slightly before adding the next for a defined, Bomp Pop like look.

Best Store-Bought Low Sugar and Sugar Free Popsicles

We know that sometimes making your own popsicles just isn’t feasible and the convenience of store-bought options can be helpful. Below is a list of some of our top choices for store-bought low sugar or sugar free popsicles. Beware that some of the options below contain artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols if these are things that you prefer to limit or avoid.

  • Outshine No Sugar Added Frozen Fruit Bars – 25 calories and 6 grams of carbs.
  • The Original Brand Popsicle (Sugar Free) – 15 calories and 3 grams of carbs.
  • Sugar Free Bomb Pops – 20 calories and 6 grams of carbs.
  • No Sugar Added Fudgesicles – 40 calories and 9 grams of carbs.
  • Goodpop 100% Fruit Juice Pops No Added Sugar – 30 calories, 6 grams of carbs.
  • Halo Top Fruit Pops – 45 calories, 16 grams of carbs (8 grams come from fiber!)


For a refreshing summer treat that satisfies your sweet tooth without the sugar, try sugar free popsicles! You can make them yourself or find them at most stores. Try getting creative and have fun making healthy popsicles at home with flavors that your whole family will enjoy.

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